We call her mAlice

"We cast upon you an evil spell of selves." She is magic. She is the moon. She is galactic, the stars and beyond. So how dare you deny her of that beautiful recipe of human experience? How dare you. She is beyond brave. She is the definition of power. And you devour every ounce of… Continue reading We call her mAlice

Dear me,

This is a short example of what happens when I am triggered and become (extremely) self-aware... Here I am. I've split and I hear myself talking and then I am outside of my body, listening to the words that are spewing out of my mouth and I'm like....NO. Don't say that. Why are you saying… Continue reading Dear me,

May I Have This Dance, My Demon?

Come here. Take my hand. Let's dance for awhile. Hold me tight with all your might and maybe... I'll stand closer. Hold me tighter... like our life depends on it, like the air in our lungs depends on it. Wrap your fingers around mine. I don't care how tired I am anymore. Take my hand. Let's… Continue reading May I Have This Dance, My Demon?

Quarantined Thoughts (2)

Sometimes I get into these moods where I shut down and blank out and space and I can no longer think straight. My brain will bounce around every good, bad, haunting, stupid, silly, ridiculous memory that I have, I swear and it is exhausting. I'll get asked the question, "what's wrong?" and I will reply… Continue reading Quarantined Thoughts (2)

“A monster’s lullaby,” no.111

Photo by mason cook on Pexels.com     When I come out of it My hands are shaking And my arms feel like dead weight. My mind is asleep. I can't quite think straight. When I come out of it I know that my  monsters have finally left To briefly rest. Oh, how I wish… Continue reading “A monster’s lullaby,” no.111