May I Have This Dance, My Demon?

Come here. Take my hand. Let’s dance for awhile. Hold me tight with all your might and maybe… I’ll stand closer. Hold me tighter… like our life depends on it, like the air in our lungs depends on it. Wrap your fingers around mine. I don’t care how tired I am anymore. Take my hand. Let’s dance for awhile. I need to feel alive within this darkness. I’m tired of sitting alone in this darkness. You are the company that keeps me so keep me from screaming my head off in the dark. Dance with me. Touch me. Wrap your hands around my neck and make me forget that I was hurting in any other way.

“You take my breath away.” I say. “You take my pain way.” You say.

Your skin is cold like death. Your heart is non existent. I am the only thing keeping you alive, aren’t I? It’s the air in my lungs that feeds you, am I right?  “Keep breathing.” You demand. Because you always demand my existence. Even if I wanted to escape this, I couldn’t. Because you are my darkness and I am your light and together….”we’re on fire, we’re alive!” You say. You always say.

You won’t let me go. You won’t let me die. You demand that I stay. So in the darkness I stay …with you. I STAY WITH YOU. So you could at least come here. You could at least take my hand and dance with me. For awhile. Please dance with me. For awhile.

I need to move. I cannot stay stagnant in this place and if you won’t let me escape, at least will you dance with me? Take my hand. Let us roam for awhile.

Sweet demon, we sit in so much silence. Can’t we turn on some music and dance?

Come here.

I want to feel you close to me. I want to know you’re real. Stand close to me. Press your body against my chest. Make me sweat with every breath. Make me feel you so that I don’t forget that you are a part of me. You are inside of me. I cannot escape. I cannot hide. So dance with me, sweet devil. So that I may at least FEEL ALIVE in this darkness. I want to feel something in this darkness.

Come here.

Why do you make me beg? Do you like it when I’m on my knees? YOU FORCE ME TO BEG. So here I am, sweet demon, pleading…for one dance.

You keep me here locked inside my head. You keep me here because of your own loneliness. But I’m lonely too. So at least touch me, at least let me know you. Take my hand. Grab me tight. Hold onto me with all of your might. Don’t let me go. Let me feel your weight. Feel my breath in your ear. Devour my soul with your hand around my neck. Tell me I’m yours because that’s all you’ve ever wanted, right? For me TO BE yours. Well sweet demon, then tell me. Tell me why I belong to you. Why I can’t escape you. Why?

Come here and tell me.


Dance with me.

Take my hand and roam around with me.

Spin me in this darkness; spin me in your web.

Capture me.

Handle me.

Sway with me in the pitch dark of night.

Hold me tight and take my hand as it trembles.

Hold me tight and make me remember

Why I am here and why you keep me

and why you love me

SO MUCH that you can’t let me go.

Make me remember.

Sweet demon.

My mind is under your spell.





You spin me around. You spin me far. But you always bring me back. I am always where you are. Where you keep me. Because you can’t live without me.

“Sweet demon, I can’t live without you.”

That’s what I say

to keep you happy.

That’s what I say

to survive this grueling time.

So dance with me, sweet demon. If we are to be together forever then please


Pull my body close to yours and make me feel alive within. I want to feel you ALIVE within. You are all that I have in this darkness. Don’t leave me all alone in the darkness. Don’t sit there in silence. YOU KEEP ME HERE. So do what you want with me.

Let me do what I want with you. Help me feel and I’ll help you too.

Won’t you dance with me, sweet demon?

Won’t you let me feel your body against mine?

Hold me tight and feel me.

You are mine and I am yours and we’ll dance forever….like it’s supposed to be.

This is how it’s supposed to be, isn’t it, sweet demon?

I am your doll. I am your pretty little RAG doll.

So dance around with me.

Dance around with me.

And tell me…


Why do you keep me hostage?

Why do you keep me locked up in the darkness?

And you say.finally…you say….

Because one day you got lonely.

You needed a friend.

So you sought out the  “easily influenced”  train wreck

and you changed her into your whore.

And then you programmed her and you cut her off from the real world.

And now she lives in this made up world with you.

Forever it’s been with you.

This is our song. This is our melody. 

So let’s dance with it.

Sweet demon, you took advantage of my vulnerability. YES. YOU. DID.

Sweet demon, you took me young and shaped me into this. This. THIS. PERSON.

I am THIS PERSON. Because of you, sweet demon.

So come here.

Dance with me.

I am yours. All yours. Your plaything. Your childhood toy. Your programmable robot.

I am yours. In the darkness. I am yours.

So dance with me, sweet demon.

Come here and dance with me.

Hold me tight. Take me in the darkness and let us feel alive.




Note from A: 

I usually listen to a pile of songs while writing out my poetry but tonight was different. I could only find one song that inspired any sort of creative thinking so I stuck with it and played it on repeat until I felt the creative flow was complete. The song is 
“Starve The Ego, Feed The Soul” by The Glitch Mob. Check it out. ❤

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