About Me

Find me on Facebook at facebook.com/teatimewithalice

I am a survivor of abuse and a mental health advocate.

I blog about my personal experiences in order to help others heal and to help them find comfort in knowing that they are not alone in the madness of it all.

I am a poet. Writing is how I heal my pain and trauma and express my deepest emotions. Poetry is my greatest and most favorite coping mechanism. My goal is to write and self-publish a poetry book or two.

I am also a self-taught artist. I use Procreate to draw digitally. I also enjoy working with real mediums, such as acrylic paints, colored pencils and oil pastels. My favorite style is abstract and I also enjoy making space art. Creating my own planets and galaxies is a relaxing escape for me.

I sell my digital designs through Redbubble. Find my shop at http://adashofmadness.redbubble.com

Any donations/contributions made through this page support my dream of becoming a full time artist and writer. Your support will help me buy art supplies as well go towards my poetry book fund. ❤