About the writer

I go by two different names. My birth name is Hannah and one of my other selves is Alice, who likes to go by A. You may call me either one. I am a writer/poet, a self taught digital artist, a mother, a wife, a daughter and a warrior of my own madness. I live with chronic depression and anxiety and also struggle with borderline personality disorder.

My ways of coping include writing, artistic expression (digital art mainly… I use Procreate), taking care of my animals and plants, spending time with my family, my husband and my child. I enjoy being surrounded by Mother Nature. I love taking walks or car rides through back roads and obsessing over the trees, the clouds, sunsets and blue skies.

This blog has no set theme and probably never will. I write whatever comes to mind. Here you will find my poetry, some journal entries, dark thoughts, light thoughts, short stories and I also feature excerpts from the book I am writing.

I am a mental health advocate. I manage a mental health page on Facebook and Instagram.  I believe it is important to stop the stigma on mental health and mental illnesses. Speaking about my own truths and about the real, raw portions of my madness is vital for my well being. I truly believe, since I was a young girl, that I was called to do this…. in hopes to help others, not only myself.

This blog contains mature content, please be advised. Trigger warnings include mental abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, eating disorders, PTSD, etc…

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I enjoy “virtually meeting” new people.

Souls recognize other souls, I truly believe that.



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