Pleasantly & Proudly Selfish

Don’t get me wrong…it sucks that I am where I am; that I feel how I feel; that I can’t give you what you need. It sucks. But what am I supposed to do? Sacrifice my needs in order to bring you peace? I refuse to deplete my energy and my sanity for any man.… Continue reading Pleasantly & Proudly Selfish

intuition says…

*written in January 2022: two months after break up and discovering the infidelity of it all* He's going through a mid-life crisis that you wouldn't be able to handle because you've got responsibilities, a kid. And your sobriety and sanity needs to stay in tact for all of that. Think about it. He's going through… Continue reading intuition says…

do you have a different sewing kit?

Do not be fooled. I am falling apart at the seams. All while I am sewing myself back together using every tattered piece. I am not who you knew. I am not what you know. I am dead. I am gone. I am reborn into new skin. But it still doesn't feel like home. I… Continue reading do you have a different sewing kit?

Old photos

It's okay to reminisce.It's okay to remember how it was back then.It's okay to even smile when you dolook back...because all of those can one truly forget?But you can't stay there.You have to snap back to realityand realizethat that's all it is anymore...a memory.Distant.Cold.Not much life living there anymore.Don't make it harder than it… Continue reading Old photos