Sitting in silence. Staring at the wall. Floating with my demons. Drifting away from it all. Dancing with dissociative habits. Drowning in my pain. Folding inwards. My brain's at it again. Sitting in silence Wondering where the time goes As I'm staring out the window For hours on end. Hiding. Fighting. Slowly dying. I swear… Continue reading inward.

Chemically Imbalanced

A lot of times I wonder Why me? I don't wish this shit on anyone else So why me? I get so sick and tired of hearing people say, "just take your meds, they'll help, it will be okay." I'm so over it Because they don't. Sure they manage symptoms. But the true depression never… Continue reading Chemically Imbalanced

Cobwebs in my brain (2)

    Here I am. I'm going crazy again. I'm losing my mind in a sense. Because of my monsters, the monsters that live deep inside of my head.   My demons unravel my nerves and play jump rope. And as they skip across fine lines, I suddenly lose hope. And when I lose hope… Continue reading Cobwebs in my brain (2)