Heartbreak Error

"You're different these days..." "Of course I am! You don't think that shit changed me?? My world was obliterated. My heart was forcibly pryed open and left to bleed out; my mind was torn to shreds. I was basically given a lobotomy. My brain does not operate the same. My heart beat does not align… Continue reading Heartbreak Error


It was then... when you grabbed my waist, when your hands pulled me close, firmly gripping my hips, that I knew how desperately I needed you. It was then... when I felt your lips caress my skin; when you took hold of my face, gently pulling my chin, and you breathed life into my lungs,… Continue reading Introspective

hello, demons, i have missed u

Shouldn't I fear my demons' presence whenever I sense them in my room? "Hello, old friend," I say as I waltz towards the doom. Those words... how they flow so effortlessly out of my mouth, so smooth, like I just knew, like I have no doubt that their bodies will move every which way that… Continue reading hello, demons, i have missed u

Processing Grief

Forgive me if I'm quiet and don't have much to say. My heart hurts a little extra today. The sun came up and all I wanted to do was cover myself back up and hide underneath the covers. I'd rather be alone while my weary soul feels smothered by sadness; while my grief-stricken bones ache… Continue reading Processing Grief