Rarity 💜

Listen….hold your loved ones tighter. Okay. Those who love tf out of you and stick around through the good, the bad, the ugly. Hold them close to your heart. Let them know you appreciate them. Reciprocate that love and support. There are a lot of people who cannot and will not be able to handle… Continue reading Rarity 💜

Spring Cleaning

There is this dark corner within my heart that's been covered in cob webs and dust for quite some time now and here you come with a dust buster ready to clear away all these things that have held me down for far too long. You're peeling the spider webs away from my wings, you're… Continue reading Spring Cleaning

The Curse of Familiarity (the darling doll chronicles)

  I don't know why you left. I don't know why you never tried to talk to me. Or maybe I do. Maybe I know why and I'm afraid to say it out loud because In a way It feels like I'll hurt your feelings if I do.   Sometimes I think about all the… Continue reading The Curse of Familiarity (the darling doll chronicles)