Alice’s Daily Mantra 101

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There are some days where I can look my demons straight in the face and tell them to piss off and they do and I celebrate those days.

There are other days when I can’t even glance their way without crumbling to my knees, falling into their grasp.


That doesn’t make me weak. 

That doesn’t mean that the ways I choose to cope with my mental health are incorrect.

I’m still learning how to manage.

I am still writing up the plans for how I win this war.

Recovery is a game all in itself.

Some strategies work.

Some do not.

I am not on a schedule to get my shit together.

I am not in a race against anyone else who is in this shit storm too.


I must try to keep up the pace.

Daily I will manifest strength that gives me the courage to tell those demons to get the fuck out of my life.

I refuse to become a permanent lawn ornament in the toxic environment where my demons play jump rope with the veins that lead straight to my heart.

I am a warrior and I will not succumb to the monsters inside of my head.







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