Thoughts under the stars (2)

photo of galaxy
Photo by Johannes Rapprich on


You see my face,

Maybe my body.


You hear some of my thoughts,

My rants,

My bitchfests.


You have never seen me naked in true light.

Not my body.

Not my mind.

You have never seen me stripped to my very core.

You do not know me.

You probably never have.

Maybe you never will.

Because I’ve stayed covered.

I’ve kept quiet.




You’ll see more of me.

But I’m not talking physically.



My tangled thoughts will unravel and explain my story.



You will never truly know

Who I am

Unless I let you

And there’s a pretty good chance

I won’t let you

Because I am not obligated to open my life, my body, my heart up to you.

It is my choice.

It is my body.

It is my brain.


We are not the same

And I’m okay with that.

Are you?

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