Darling Little Doll- pt 2

woman walking in middle of railway
Photo by Keenan Constance on Pexels.com


A year ago we were blossoming.

A year later we are dead.

Our leaves have wilted.

Our flowers no longer bloom.

We’ve been put to rest.


A year ago, you and I,

we were on cloud nine.

A year later

We’re free falling from it.


Towards earth.

Speeds of light.

Towards reality.


Towards the end.


You meant something to me.

That’s why this hurts so much, right?

You were important to me.

That’s why I can’t let go so easily, right?


Am I alone in this?


A year ago

Everything between us felt right…

Like “pieces coming together” kind of right.

A year later?

I was wrong.

There was a silent war

and I lost.


“I’m fine” says the wounded.

“I’m fine” says the one who fired the shots.


Picture this.

It was like

One minute

There you were.

You existed.

And you were so


Picture this.

The next minute

You’re gone.

Like lightning,

Your beautiful chaos

Struck me down.

I was electrified by the words coming out of your mouth.


I wonder

Am I alone in this?


You have a lot going on in your life.

So I can’t expect

For your world to stop spinning

Whenever I move on.


But I didn’t want to move on.


Bad days.

Awful days.

Never seem to go away.

I thought that you

Were going to stay.


I would have stayed

Through all your terrible days.


A year ago

I would have never guessed that this is where we’d end up.


Another side of the country.


Blindsided by the outcome of my own disappearing act.


I was going to come back.

You never gave me the chance.


A year ago

I thought we were forever.

I thought

You were becoming my best friend.


I wasn’t stupid.

I wasn’t blind or naive.

You were

Becoming something.

You were


So special to me.


A year later

I’m not with you.

You’re not with me.

We are on opposite sides of the spectrum now

And I think that’s how you always intended us to be.









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