Soaring Eagle

I set myself free the day I realized it is unhealthy to pretend that I didn’t see what others showed me. I set myself free when I came to terms with the fact that it is unhealthy to live in a fantasy. When someone showed me or told me who they were, what they could offer, what they were all about, I use to think, “but if I pretend they can be more, then they’ll eventually be enough.” And guess what. They were never enough. And I settled, hoping eventually they would be. I lied to myself when all along I knew that person had been so clear from the beginning. They would never, could never, be who I needed, unless they chose to be. I could not force them. I could not beg them. I could not convince them. I set myself free the day I realized that people will be who they choose to be. It doesn’t mean I don’t deserve what I need, it just means I’m asking the wrong people. I set myself free when I finally understood that just because someone couldn’t be who and what I needed, that didn’t make them bad. That didn’t make them cruel. Not always. It just meant they were not ideal for me and the vision I had for myself. I set myself free when I stopped expecting others to fill the void. I can fill it myself. I set myself free when I recognized the disrespect. I set myself free when I stopped living in lala land. People show you who they are. People tell you, either with words or actions, they tell you. And it is not their fault if you choose to ignore those signs. Wake up. Stop settling. Learn to be by yourself. Learn to heal yourself. Learn to recharge yourself. Leaning on someone who cannot give you what you need is only hurting and disrespecting your soul and your journey. You want to see change? Start with your mind! You want to feel loved? Start with your own heart! You want to find your perfect fit? Realize that may not exist. Sorry to say this but….I am a realist. And the way I see it, you cannot mold people to how you see fit. You cannot force anyone to love you the way you want. You cannot avoid this truth. Open your eyes. Set yourself free.

Agree to disgree.

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