entirety (on saving myself)

You are the only one who can save you. Stop expecting others to do it for you. Stop getting frustrated when others can’t. They can’t because they aren’t supposed to. You save yourself. You pick yourself up off the floor, wipe the tears and show up for your inner child who hurts but is still worth saving. You can heal yourself. You just need to try harder. And I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but one day you’ll get it. You’ll understand what I mean. You are the only one that can save you. Others can try to help, they can try to cheer you up and make you feel better and those that do, hug them tighter. They love you. But do you love yourself? Do you hold yourself tighter? Do you show up? Or do you beat yourself down and wait for someone else to walk in with the solution? Something has to change. This is where we draw the line. You have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and remind yourself of who the fuck you are. You have been through worse. This bathroom floor isn’t the first place you’ve broken down and it’s not the worst. Hold yourself accountable for the times you stayed in the darkness. Understand it’s okay to honor the feelings and emotions but we cannot camp out here all day and night. You are going to be okay. Just keep trying. Keep pushing through this pain. This is not the end of the line for you. I believe in you. Please believe in yourself.

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