Heartbreak Error

“You’re different these days…”

“Of course I am! You don’t think that shit changed me?? My world was obliterated. My heart was forcibly pryed open and left to bleed out; my mind was torn to shreds. I was basically given a lobotomy. My brain does not operate the same. My heart beat does not align with the rhythm of peace like it use to. It’s slowly learning how to function again but these things take time and regardless, I have shifted. I have changed. I will never walk the same, sing the same, talk the same. My movements are now quite inconsistent from what you were once use to. I’m not sorry for that. I cannot help it. I will not apologize for the ways my mind, my body and my soul were altered due to a broken heart. I watched someone I once loved so damn much choose another person over me. I was discarded. Tossed aside. Trashed. Irrevocably abandoned. I will never return to who I was. She died the moment he looked into her eyes and said goodbye.”

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