It was then…

when you grabbed my waist,

when your hands pulled me close,

firmly gripping my hips,

that I knew

how desperately I needed you.

It was then…

when I felt your lips

caress my skin;

when you took hold of my face,

gently pulling my chin,

and you breathed life into my lungs,

and I felt whole again,

that I knew

how much I desired you.

It was then…

when you laughed,

when you smiled,

when you gazed deep into my eyes,

that I knew

I had to be yours

and you

had to be mine.

It was then…

when the earth spun wildly

off of its axis,

hurtling towards

the never-ending galactic,



high above the stars,

that I swear

time slowed down,

and from afar,

I saw a vision of hope

dancing on the horizon.

It was then…

that I knew

I had found

the soul that I’d been searching for,

and longing for

in the imperfect clouds,

in the overwhelming crowds;

I found

the piece that had been misplaced

from my body,

from my heart,

from my spirit,

from my inner space.

It was then…

when a resounding “yes”

whispered softly in my ear;

it was then

when I couldn’t hear


except your voice



drawing me towards the choice,

that I felt

the light glowing,

the fire growing,

warming my heart,

fusing the broken parts

back together.

It was then…

when I could no longer logically envision anything


than you,

than me,

than us.

It was then.

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