Wretched Toxicity: The Purge

You know that urgent sense of heaviness that consumes your body right before you’re about to purge the emotions that you have so desperately been clinging onto?

Your throat tightens, you feel this lump and you can’t swallow, can’t push it down, it just sits there, stagnant, waiting for you to let it all out.

That’s what I’m feeling right now.

Because I know it’s time.
The renewal is here.
It’s time
To peel off this skin
And start over again.
It’s time
To release what no longer serves me
And allow the new beginnings
To consume me.
Refresh me.
And oh, how it brings me to my knees…
The possibilities,
The uncertainty,
So close
To losing
Its strength.
And until then
I am weighted.
But I long to be weightless.

So I claw through the pain,
I drain
That has gotten in the way.
I wash it all away.
I become the grace
Through the pain.
And the aches
And the tears
They are so near
To the surface
Holding so much
It is time
To purge this
From my pores,
From my body,
From the bloody sores.

Wretched toxicity.
It no longer
To this body.
I want to tear through my soul
And become somebody
And it’s time.
The moon said
It’s time
To revive
The one who’s been buried.
She’s suddenly in such a hurry
To burst through the seams,
To set herself free,
To be.

To just…be.

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