R E B O R N (Finding Purpose)

Though the stars have died

let us bathe under their glorious light.

What a spectacular view.

And to be here with you?

I am.




Come dance with me in the mourning.

Time to open our minds to the journey.

The one



can be

R e b o r n.

Dance with me 

underneath the stars.

The ones so high above,

raining light on this strange earth

while we spin round and round,

feet in the dirt,

creating  m a  g  i  c

with the universe.

Soak in the glory 

while illumination

collides with us







We are.


Dance with me in the mourning,

while the birds sing their respects,

while the sun begins to reflect

on the horizon.

Dance with me while it’s still early, 

let the stars awaken your soul.

We are

pure gold.

We are

the infinite light

that will shine down on the darkest of nights.

If you believe with all your might.

Do you see now?

We must serve a higher purpose.

We cried out to the stars

and they heard us.

Dance with me in the mourning.

Celebrate our brilliance, our light.

What a beautiful dream,

to be dressed as a

magical human being.

It’s you.

It’s me.



We are.


Photo by Sam Kolder on Pexels.com

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