The Nightmare of R E A L I T Y



Little puppet on a string,

they can make you do anything.

They can make you dance, puppet, dance.

They can seduce you into a trance.

Sweet puppet, they will make you weak.

They will make you cry.

They’ll make you do; they’ll make you feel



as they please.

Whatever they want to.

Mouth sewn shut.

Don’t speak.

Little puppet on a string,

you are helpless without them.

You’re driven senseless when you’re with them.

Nothing makes sense, I know.

Sweet puppet,

they control it all.

They handle everything.

They handle everyone.

And the cycle spins endlessly.


Time does not exist

in the matrix.

Watch how the spiral creeps

round and around.


as the pendulum swings

so quickly.

And there’s never any sound.

No warning.

You simply wait

Then you submit to the impact.

Little puppet,

you’ve collapsed onto the ground,

you’re watching the world go on

without you.

Your strings only spin

when they hold you,

while they suffocate you,

in the unbearable grip

of the hands

that feed you.

Sweet little puppet.

I would help you if I could.

But I’m stuck with you, babe.

The master got hold of me too.

I don’t know if we will ever escape

this place,

this hell.

Do you?

This is a constant


of emotions.

I’m just hoping

they’ll let go for a little,

long enough

for me to find some scissors

and then I’ll set our souls free.


Photo by Jan Kopu0159iva on

M U S I C that inspired this post:


“Comfortable Liar”-Chevelle

“Hurricane”-I Prevail

“Hurricane”- MS MR


“Popular Monster”-Falling in Reverse

“Running Up That Hill”- Placebo

“Look what you made me do”- Taylor Swift

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