message from the writer to the reader

As of late, my Facebook account (Tea Time with Alice) and my Instagram account (teatime.444) have been reaching no one. I’ve been shadow banned. For those who do not know what that means…basically I’m being blocked. My posts don’t show up on newsfeeds as they should and I cannot reach new people at all. My pages are still present but they are slowly being erased. I’m being silenced. And I’m not okay with that. Mental health is such an important topic that we MUST talk about. So I will never shut up for anyone. I’ll continue to talk about it even if all I have is this website. I’ll do whatever I can to continue to spread the awareness because it is such an important thing to do. I have been called to help others alongside myself and I’m not going to shut down. But, my worry is that *they* will shut me down against my wishes. I mean it’s already begun and that scares me. Censorship scares me. But  I won’t let it win. I’m going to keep talking and sharing my truth and my story. I’m going to continue to talk about what’s important. I’ll try to stay in the lane of mental health only but I may pass into other lanes, like politics and I will not let anyone stop me because I refuse to be silenced. It isn’t right, shutting people up. Just because the lot of us aren’t talking about what *they* believe in/want to hear does not make what we say invalid. It does not. Our feelings deserve to be heard too. Our stories, our journeys, our truth…it all deserves to be talked about no matter what side/path anyone is on. The beauty of being human is that we are all different. We all experience different realities but that doesn’t mean one reality is valid over the other. ALL ARE VALID.

This cannot be forgotten. Censorship cannot win. I won’t let anyone sew my mouth shut. You shouldn’t either.

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