The truth runs through my veins, you cannot stop me.

I’m going to keep

Speaking my truth

Because that’s what I was

Called to do.

I will not be your puppet.

I will not sew the string between my lips.

My voice matters

Just as much as yours.

We don’t have to see eye to eye

For me to be heard.

Our differences matter.

Of course I believe in respect.

But your idea of respect

Means only allowing me to talk

If you think it’s best.

If it’s not what you want to hear

Then you silence me.

You’d take my rights away from me.

I don’t like what you say sometimes

But I wouldn’t try to steal your voice.

I wouldn’t shut you up.

I’d let you have your thoughts

Just as I have mine

And I’d go about my day

And that would be just fine

With me.

But what about you?

You’d cast me as your enemy.

You’d say that I am invalid,

Full of fake news.

You’d burn me at the stake

And you refuse

To acknowledge

How fucked up

That logic can be.

I’m terrified at what kind of world

You’d introduce to me

If I submitted to you

And became the little puppet

That you need.

But I’m confident

In my strength.

I will not be proven weak.

You will never have control

Over me.

I believe in freedom. Not mind control. Not brainwashing techniques. I do not support censorship. No matter what side we’re speaking of. I believe every human deserves a voice. Even if those humans don’t agree with each other. We can still live our lives, mind our own business and breathe and enjoy what’s left of this journey. Don’t let the lies hold you back. Think for yourself. Please, open your mind and open your eyes.

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