Personal Pep Talk

Last year I had a plan. But when I make plans there is always something that gets in my way. It is inevitable. There’s always an obstacle that I have to face and it challenges me sometimes to the point of wanting to throw in the towel.

Last year I made so many plans and here I am a year later with those ideas torn into pieces. I have to start over.

I knew starting my own business wouldn’t be easy but it felt SO SIMPLE last year.

That’s because we were living in simpler times. Everything is so different now.

The new normal….is so…abnormal to me. I don’t like it… but I must adapt.

I must evolve.

Just like I have to do so with homeschooling my child- which I never pictured myself doing. But I’m doing it because that’s what you do when life tears up your original plans…you adapt and start from scratch. You make it work and you don’t give up hope.

Last year I had so many wonderful plans and though I can still fulfill them, the dream is a little farther out of reach right now.

So many changes I have to make in order to do what I want to do.

Being a small business owner, an artist, selling my artwork….it’s not gonna be easy, I know.  But in times like this, it’s harder than it should be. That’s my opinion, anyways.

I am convinced that THEY want people like me- people who don’t want to work for the man- to fail.

Well, I will not let that happen.

I will not let these sudden changes stop me from achieving my goals.

I made plans and no matter what I’ve got to do to make them a reality…I’ll do it.

I won’t give up. I won’t let myself down.



Dear me, it’s going to work out. Keep going.

Dear you, whatever you’re struggling with right now, it’s going to work out. Keep going.

Believe in it. Believe in yourself.

Adapt and overcome.

Evolve. Embrace the change.



Sending all of you love and light ❤




ps. I can’t help but notice and get annoyed that some of the words are being printed smaller than the rest. No matter how many times I edit, it doesn’t change. Not sure if everyone sees it but…it sure annoys the hell out of me because I like for my writing to look perfect, in uniform…so these random tiny words really drive me nuts. If there is some kinda glitch goin on….can it please be fixed??????

2 thoughts on “Personal Pep Talk”

  1. I needed this. Thank you. I am making plans for my life as well, and things have not worked out. I’m getting back on my feet and trying again until I succeed. Also, the words appear uniform to me!

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