IMG_1087Alice & her Madness/ IG @artbymadness


Open your heart.

Unstitch the wounds.

Let him get to know you.

He wants to.

Know you.

Open your heart.


Stop holding back.

It hurts so bad

when you blink way,

when you choke away

the tears /

your fears.

You can’t swallow your pain



Open your heart.

Speak your truth.

He’s gonna be there for you

when it hurts.


Open your heart.


Unstitch the wound.

Let it out.

Release it.

Let go.

Let him know

that you’re in there.

Let him know

that you’re not okay.


Silence gets us nowhere.


He will listen.

He will give you

a reason

to not give up.

He will tend to

the blood

the gore

and everything

and more.


Open your heart.


Unstitch your mouth.

You don’t have to live that way now.


Speak your truth.

He wants to hear you.



It’s too quiet.


Can’t unsee the truth.


Demons fight me.

Hoping I’ll glue

my lips shut.

Stitch up.

Shut up.



such a long time…

To never

Talk to you

About what’s really bothering me.


How unfair of me.


Open your heart.


She’s screaming,

the voice inside my head.




To the man who gives me the world every single day.

I am forever yours and I won’t stop trying.

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