Thoughts under the stars (1)

moon and stars
Photo by Min An on

Quit falling into old habits. No more believing the same old lies.

Stop falling for the same bullshit

especially when you know that it’s exactly that…


Believe your gut. Stop doubting yourself.

Believe your soul. Follow its lead.

Don’t look back anymore.

Quit listening to the same excuses.

Don’t believe the same lines if they’ve proven to be lies in the past.

This is the time to overcome that bullshit.

This is the time to show your strength and wear your flames proud



and no one can keep you down. No one.

So don’t look back to those who let you down before.

Don’t reach out to those who hurt you, betrayed you, lied and misled you.

Keep moving forward. Move with the motions.

Roll with the punches. And hit back harder.

Your future is brighter without this pain. Let it go.

You don’t need to hold onto anymore darkness baby, you’ve got enough of that inside of your head.

The monsters, the demons, the madness that lies in wait day to day, night to night, those are enough for you to manage.

Let go of all the damage others have caused.

It’s over.

It’s done.

It’s time to pick up your things and run.

New beginnings wait for you not too far off into the distance.

If you don’t look back anymore, you can make it.


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