settled fate

A work in progres….

I see love in his eyes.

Staring back is my reflection and my God, does it shine.

And when that beautiful human smiles…

oh, how it gets me every time.

I see a purpose. I see a chance.

I sense fate.

And my heart, all it does is race and I have to strategically calculate

how many breaths I must take

in order to not faint.

Our souls embrace and it takes everything in me not to say,

“Come on…let’s run away.”


This passion is madness.

And his belief in all the goodness that lies within me wipes away every ounce of sadness

and I think to myself,

“hello…beautiful stranger…there you are.”

How did we ever let life take us this far away from one another?

How did we ever go so many days without the support of each other?

How did we ever…is right.

But that’s all in the past,

we left it back at the flashing stoplight of hesitancy.

We learned young that not everything can last consistently.

We learned young that growth is the key to learning what is meant to be, respectfully.

What is meant to be?

Now that you’re here how could I ever be without you next to me?

Please, slide on over, there’s something I need to see.

I want to gaze into your eyes.

I want to see how many times

I can catch a glimpse of that love you hold so carefully

for me,

sit next to me.

Tell me everything that I missed.

Tell me everywhere you’ve been.

I want to know every detail

if only you feel safe enough to let me in.

I see love in your eyes and my God, it pulls at my heartstrings every time.

You make me feel alive.

After all this time, you still know how to make me laugh

and draw a beautiful smile across my weary face.

So easily, I forget all of my past and it’s just us… at this moment.

Life hasn’t always been that great and we sense this about one another

which I think is another brush of fate.

But here you are, beautiful stranger,

with your heart in your hands and mine on my sleeve

and something just tells me that this chance encounter

was meant to be.

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