Quarantined Thoughts 333

I’ve been writing a lot of my thoughts down in my phone and on instagram lately

so I decided to go through and make a collection of them. ❤


Let your thoughts breathe.


I want to give up. I want to throw in the towel and get the hell off of this planet. I want to recoil instead of bouncing forward as I have been despite the frustrations and stress and emotions that come with the act of moving forward. I want to curl into a ball and cry my eyes out and hide and wait until “it’s all over.” But when will it be “all over?”


Only the strong will survive. BE STRONG.


The moment the blinders come off, game over, you’ve exited the matrix and you can never unsee what you will then see. Sounds terrifying….and sometimes it is….but the reward for opening your eyes and waking up is that YOU WILL BE FREE. Don’t let the fear consume you. Let the light shine down on all the lies and reveal the truth. Let the crimes against humanity be exposed. Let the evil expose itself. As hard as it may be to know, YOU NEED to know. Prepare yourself, those of you who wear the blinders proudly. Soon, the veil will drop completely and those shades you wear to filter the cage will be ripped right off whether you like it or not. I’m not sorry for being so harsh. Coddling will get us nowhere in this mad world, in this clown world, in this game. Deal with it. Face the facts. Handle the fear and GIVE IT NO POWER NO LONGER. The truth shall set you free.


Hold your ground, warrior.


Remember me however you want to remember me but know that I’ve changed at least 100 times since then.

Find the beauty in this mad world && run with it.

More so now than ever I am open about who I am to the very core. I am honest about what makes me tick, what causes my mental health to decline and what causes me to feel grounded and whole again. If anything I mention offends you, you are free to leave and never speak to me again. It’s that simple. Please do not disturb my peace. I am extremely self aware and I’m comfortable with who I am. Oh and hey, before you go, let me just ask you, are you comfortable with who you are to the very core? You should love yourself more. The benefits are life saving.

The more honest we become with ourselves,

the easier it is to be less judgmental.


Own your power. Search for your magic. Believe in your progress. Continue working hard. You are evolving. You are growing. You got this, phoenix.

Be your own person. Think for yourself. Make your own path. Do what is right and be respectful about it. Don’t be a degenerate. It isn’t cute. Don’t follow the sheep. It isn’t worth it. Sheeple are dumbed down (yes I made that word pairing up) people who cannot think for themselves because they’ve been conditioned (as we all have been) to blindly follow the gov, hollywood and media. Some will wake up and see past the bullshit. Some will not. It’s a shame, really, that you cannot save everyone. But…this is where you must do what is best for you and keeping rolling through, spreading truth and revealing the lies. Be unique and be true to yourself. Use critical thinking and embrace your voice, your magic. Your soul and your energy will thank you.


Don’t follow the crowd, switch lanes and CHANGE the crowd to be better and wiser and more in tune with themselves.


There is hope beyond the horizon. There is light all around you. Take your blinders off. Search within you and watch how your perspective will change and you will never unsee it again. YOU are the lighthouse that you have been searching for while lost in this sea of darkness. The waves of change are coming. Hold steady. Be ready. Find your magic, darling. Be your own hero. I believe in you.


Change is inevitable. 

However, it is possible to become stuck in the same cycle. If you are finding yourself in a rather predictable, constant movement and you wish change would happen, what can you do to MAKE it happen, to quit repeating? Reach within your soul and figure out…what is it that YOU want to do? What’s that one thing? That crazy, seemingly unimaginable thing you dream of doing? Imagine if you just took a gigantic leap of faith and did it. How do you think you’d feel? It’s perfectly okay to do what is best for you. Do not let anyone tell you who you are or who you should be. People are not supposed to be making choices for you. You make them. Every choice is yours and you have this incredible opportunity to be whoever you want to be and do whatever makes you happy. Let no one stand in the way of your dreams. Take that leap of faith. Be extraordinary, dear human. Let yourself live. You are beautiful, human. Let yourself breathe. FIND what makes you tick, what brings you satisfaction and comfort and JOY. Change is inevitable and that, to me, is the greatest blessing. You can become unstuck. Just gotta dive within and let yourself FEEL IT.





Oh, how she blooms in the summer where the air is hot and the breeze is cool and it sweeps away the cob webs and she awakens to a brand new destination.

Plant seeds of hope everywhere you go.


What do we want?!

F r e e d o m

T o

B l o o m

W i t h o u t

T h e

W o r l d

T e l l i n g

M e

H o w

T o !!

When do we want it?!

N O W .


It’s okay if you don’t see eye to eye with everything I say or every word and feeling that I express. That is the beauty of being human, we are not always the same.


Me to me while walking today: “I really need to learn how to walk into another dimension.”


The light is exposing what has been hidden in plain sight.


May all the fears I feel while trying to be my true self burn to the ground with the rest of the things that try to hold me back.


Reasons I am already rich:

  • real love= husband, child, mom and dad
  • meaningful relationships *see above*
  • trustworthy relationships *see above*
  • safety
  • all my animals and plants
  • a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, food in my mouth
  • the air in my lungs
  • the breeze coming through the open door right now
  • solitude/inner peace found
  • sitting next to the love of my life, deciding what to do for dinner
  • The Great Awakening


I still have a lot of shadow work to do. My ego still gets the best of me and it’s time to nip it in the bud. I know it’s okay to not be perfect but some days I know better and I still let my ego take over. Some of my parts have more control than I’d like. I feel like I want to write down my shadow work and work through/accept and change for good. Maybe write it down on paper and then burn it afterwards. Recognize the ego and let it go. I don’t know. But this is a goal I have for my 32nd year. We will see what happens. 


There are three types of calm in this world…

the calm before the storm, 

the calm within the eye of the storm


the calm after the storm.

Take note of which one we are in right now.


You are not crazy, you can just see now.


Recently I have come to realize that I am a soul experiencing a body. But not merely. There is a great purpose in my stay here on Earth.


I lived in fear for so many years. 10+ years to be exact. 3 different toxic relationships. I spent all those years in survival mode. I was not living with purpose or with love for my life. I was just trying to get by day by day. Becoming a Mother saved me, yes. But…it’s the survival mode that reflects those years differently. If I had had love for my own life, I would have been a better Mother than I already was. I did my best. I am doing my best. And I am thankful that now I am safe. I have cut the chords of all those toxic relationships and I am safe. I no longer live in fear. So, with this realization, I will also stop living in the past and with regret. I did what I had to do to survive and I made it out alive with a healthy son and a new outlook on my life. I am grateful. I am okay.


I wonder what life is like on the other side of the mirror. Do you suppose it’s quite different? Do you think I would be?


Growth is one of my strongest super powers.












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