Darling Little Doll, the toxic of them all.

You tore into my scarred flesh with your pretty, manicured claws.

Your bloody fangs,

I can still feel them,

The way they ripped right through the veins in my neck.

Your daggers tore my skin wide open.

I will never forget the way you made me feel

When your hands crushed my airways,

Forcing the breath out of my lungs.


Baby, you stripped me to my very core.

You knew what you were doing.

You took the wheel and you chose to demolish.

And when my sanity found a quick exit through the cracks in my bones

Once you put the sledge hammer down,

I believe it was already too late.


All was gone.

My sanity is now lost.

My heart


You devoured my soul.

You took what was mine and  you made it your own.

Who I am…

She’s gone…


She’s fucking gone.

Who am I?

Darling, you are the reason I’ve been lying here lifeless

All this time.

Because of your lies and deceit

And everything that YOU stand for.

You tore into my flesh and you sucked the life out of my spirit.


Here I am sitting in a pool of my own blood

Licking the wounds from your attack.

I’ve been all alone, wondering where I went wrong.

And there you are.

You sit atop your thrown

Completely high on the life you stole from me.


Please let me wake.

I can’t seem to shake your face.

Because you tore into my flesh with your bloody claws.

You left your mark

And it fucking hurts.


Please let me wake.

Because it’s the sight of your face

That makes me feel insane.

I remember so clearly the way you made me feel

When you sank your teeth so deep into my veins.

You did this to me

Over and over.

And I will never be the same.

You took too much of me.


Beautiful succubus,

Tell me,

How’s the view up there atop your fancy thrown?

How does it feel?

Declaring, what I helped you find, as your own?

You beautiful succubus.

Are you happy with yourself now?

Do you love your life

A little more

Now that you’ve convinced yourself that it was me who held the knife?


Darling, take the thrown.

I’ll create a new one out of the pieces you left me with.

You can keep my sanity too.

I work better with the madness anyways.


Thanks for bringing me back to reality.


adult alone black and white dark
Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com


—–Songs that fueled this fire—-

“Boiler”-Limp Bizkit

“Somewhere a clock is ticking”- Snow Patrol

“Hear Me Now”- Framing Hanley

“Burn it Down”- Tech N9ne



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