Things I’ve learned from green eggs & ham (part 1)

You cannot force anyone to want you.

You cannot demand someone to know what they want.

Just because something works for you, doesn’t mean it works for someone else.

You can feel like someone belong’s in your life all you want… but if that person doesn’t feel that you belong in theirs, then you leave it be.

Being persistent can cause more harm than none.

Whatever you do, be true to yourself. Don’t change for anyone, unless you want to.

Give everything at least one chance.

Though not everyone deserves a second chance, don’t forget that some people really do.

The most important thing you can do for your life is to teach yourself about acceptance.

You will go mad if you do not give yourself a breather. Life and love are not a race.

Slow down. You will find that patience is a virtue. *Even if the outcome doesn’t turn out the way you hoped.*

You CAN be happy without them.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation. It is 100% okay to answer with a simple “because I can.”

Say it louder… BECAUSE I CAN.

Know when to give it one last shot and when to call it quits.

There’s nothing wrong with trying, but NEVER overstep your bounds. Remember where the line is drawn.



shallow focus photography of green grasses during daytime
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Isn’t it funny how someone can impact your life so much to the point where certain things no longer mean the same thing as they once did before?

 Perspective is everything.

Writing this entry is my way of trying to connect with the fact that says…

I can’t escape from having to accept the lessons I’m being taught no matter if I was in the right or in the wrong.

I have to learn. I have to accept. I have to adapt.

This post means so much more to me than anyone could imagine. The title alone is enough to take me back into my feels.

But as for the rest of you? You’re probably thinking…”Dr Seuss? Why?”

I’m cryptic for a reason.  Everyone should absorb my words in their own way.

But, still, I can’t help but be paranoid as well as hopeful that someone will see right through me and understand what I’m really trying to say.


Perspective is everything.


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