Dear me,

Start writing again. Please stop hiding behind the veil. Please stop procrastinating the processes you must go through in order to heal. Start moving again. You keep finding the fetal position to be safer than walking around, whether it be in the outside world or simply in your own house. You aren’t healing, not like you need to. Please stop saying you’ll do better tomorrow. Try to do better today. And if you fail, please don’t convince yourself that that is your fate. It is not your fate to fall and crumble. You are stronger than this. Don’t be afraid. You are better than this. Start helping yourself. Start healing this shit. It is not too late. You are not a lost cause. Your life has just begun. Please start writing again. Please listen to your guides and your soul, your heart, the light. You are beginning to give up again and I hate to see you this way. I know you are better than those demons give you credit for. Please block out their voices, as best as you can. Please start listening to your inner voice, watch with your third eye, see all of the signs that are constantly presented before your very own eyes. You will survive this. Please go outside more. Please allow the sunshine to fall upon your face and remember what it takes to get yourself out of this place. You can feel better again. Please start that movement. Please don’t give up on yourself, not again, sweet human. We were finally making progress. We were well on our way. We can still be on our way. But you’ve got to stop ignoring the facts. You’ve got to face the mirror, look yourself in the eye and challenge those demons. Challenge them. And then put in the work to keep them at bay as much as you possibly can. And I know that you can. So please, stand up. Stretch your back. Gently roll your shoulders and your neck. Find your strength. And start over again.

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