(No Longer) Left Wondering (2)

Remember how you asked him if there was someone else and he looked you dead in the eye and said so confidently, “No.” Remember how you sat on the bed next to him and cried and said, “I don’t know why I feel so insecure. I want to trust that you are telling me the truth.” And he put his arm around you and he said, “You have nothing to worry about. There is nothing wrong with you. Everyone knows that you are mine.” Remember that time. Because his true colors really shined. He lied straight to your face. He knew there was another woman about to take your place. Maybe he was only trying to preserve your feelings. Hard to say, but either way, he was dishonest and that’s not something you should ever have to deal with. I’m so sorry that life threw you for another crazy loop. But darling, you have to remember that none of this heartbreak needs to fall on you. You did nothing wrong. It was him all along. For whatever reason, he decided to break away. He let a homewrecker enter his life and he allowed his life with your family to stray. You are not to blame. Not in this particular frame. Okay?

No more playing victim. What’s done is done and you’re a queen nonetheless. One day you’ll find someone who won’t shift to the left because they’ll know they want to be right by your side. They’ll be no question in their mind.

Healing takes time but…you’ve got to clear your mind of these ridiculous accusations towards yourself. You were not crazy or overbearing or nagging him to the point of him tearing apart his vows. Your gut knew all along that he was thinking of another woman to love. Your instincts were sharp as a tack and you deserve to pat yourself on the back for that.

Keep moving forward. Keep reminding yourself of what he did. Eventually, this pain won’t hurt as bad and you’ll find yourself over this unbalanced bridge. And when that day comes, make sure you light a match because someone who would abandon you the way he did, doesn’t deserve a second chance.

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