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It’s so much easier to be secluded because I don’t respond well to people who only talk of themselves and there seem to be a lot of humans running around acting this way these days.

I don’t like feeling invisible and I hate feeling like I am not as important to someone as they are to me. I will not stand by and continue to let this happen. I would rather seclude myself.

I would rather feel happiness alone than to feel it mixed with the anxiety of wondering “do these people actually give a shit about who I am and what I bring to the table?”

I don’t enjoy going through my daily life with such negative energy weighing me down.

I refuse to just stand around while negative energy pulls me farther and farther into this black hole of nothingness. I am better than that. We are all better than that.

No one deserves to feel invisible. No one deserves to feel like they’re not cared for the way they care for others.


Be better for yourself. Separate yourself from anyone who causes you pain or confusion of sorts.

A true friend will never have you questioning their love and loyalty EVEN during the times you don’t talk to each other a whole lot.
Once you walk away from people who make you feel so sad and so alone, you’ll have room to not only find the genuine people you deserve (even if it is only just one) but you’ll also have room to find yourself.
Sometimes it’s easier to be secluded. Just don’t shut everyone out. Only the ones who are hollow.

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