Evil Spell of Selves (wip)

She is magic.

She is the moon.

She is everything

plus the stars and beyond.

So how dare you,


Deny her of that beautiful mixture

of human experiences.

She is brave.

She is the definition of power.

And you…

You refuse for her to bloom like the magnificent sunflower

that she is. 

I don’t get it. I don’t understand you.

The moment happiness walks through the door, you push her out of the way

And sit in her place

And you deny her…you deny her

the grace of love,

the touch of happiness on her flesh.

You numb her completely.

You take it all away from her like it’s nothing.

You always act like it’s nothing. And I don’t get that. I don’t understand you.

When you look at yourself in the mirror are you proud of what you see?

Are you proud of what you see when you’re pretending to be me?

Who is me, anyways?

Do either of us truly know?

I mean…there’s so many others.

There are…





Most of us play hide

and seek,

Only making an appearance when the mania peaks.

But not you.

You always come forth

and you are always ready to scorch

whatever, whomever

Stands in your way.

You’re quick to spew hate from your tongue.

You burn them.

You scar them with your anger.

It’s always your anger that comes out first.

It’s such a  r u s h.

And it’s always the happiness that you crush,

you eliminate, whatever works.

You have a thirst for creating misery.

You cause so much misery within this body

and to any body who dares to know us.

You don’t want them to know us.

So you silence our voice,

you shut her down.

And her,

and her,

and her.

You turn the volume down on our magic

and you cast evil spells.

Living beside you is pure hell.

I will never get you. I will never understand why you’re this way.

Will you please just let her feel again?

You’ve taken so much from her, that’s enough.

Can’t you sit in the back for awhile?

Can’t you sew your own mouth shut?

Her voice needs to be heard.

She deserves to feel love.

She needs to express herself.

She deserves to experience true happiness

and a gentle, intimate touch upon her flesh.

She deserves to feel more

Because she is the moon.

She is the sun.

She is the stars.

She is everything and beyond.

…..to be continued.

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