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Sitting in silence

Staring at the wall.

Floating with my demons.

Drifting away from it all.


Dancing with dissociative habits.

Drowning in my pain.

Folding inwards.

My brain’s at it again.


Sitting in silence

Wondering where the time goes

As I’m staring out the window

for hours on end.




Slowly dying.

I swear I’m trying.

But sometimes I wanna let go.


Staring at the wall.

Eyes focused on nothing.


Past the flowers, the candles, the crystals.


Past the dishes, the counters, the dirty kitchen.


Staring into space

Through the sunlight

Gleaming across my face.


Feeling numb.

I feel nothing at all.


Sitting in silence.

Staring at the wall.

Emotionally drained.

Physically pained.

Mentally over it

as I sit in the silence,

the steady violence of destruction.


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