Strike a match, the demons are back.

I want to thank you.

I need to thank you

Because you saved my life.

As I lie with the memory of lying next to shards of glass,

You hold on to me.

My scarred arms holding tightly on to you.

My breathing is scarce; you begin to lull my mind to rest.

You bring my soul to life as you stare into my eyes.

You tell me that everything is going to be alright.

 Cease fire.

Demons wave their white flag.

I am free.

Thank you is all I can say as my lungs slowly inflate with the air that I once wanted to choke out.

I can breathe again.

I want to thank you.

I need to thank you.

But where do I even begin?

You have done what no other person ever did.

You helped me save myself.

You didn’t run away.

Instead you challenged me to live.

As I lied there surrounded by a shattered past,

You looked at me and you saw me for who I really am.

You knelt down to me

And you asked me if I was okay.

That day,

You saw me sitting there in broken glass with feelings of shame.

You saw strength in me that I for so long refused to believe.

You saw a fire raging inside of me,

Itching to burn my past to the ground.

So you gave me your hand and you stood me back up

And you showed me how to handle my fire.


We stood together, hand in hand.

You never left my side.


As we felt the warmth of the fire against our faces,

You never left my side.


Alice A.H.


photography of matchstick with fire
Photo by Skitterphoto on







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